Vaccine Acceptors, Refusers, and the Moveable Middle (October 2022 Study Published)

October 2022 peer-reviewed manuscript assessing qualitative factors related to obtaining the COVID-19 Vaccine

In October 2022 the Litaker Group published a peer-reviewed study in Vaccines assessing qualitative factors of individuals who are vaccine acceptors, vaccine refusers, and in the moveable middle when it came to obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Dr. John Litaker, the first author and health scientist for this publication, “We need to understand from the individual’s perspective of why they choose or not to obtain the vaccine.” In this study, 685 persons were asked to provide the reason for obtain, refusing, or remaining undecided about obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine with this data stratified across eight domains using an inductive analytic process. This open access article is available online.

The inductive analytic process to stratify 685 responses into eight domains.