The Litaker Group is a full-service public health and research consulting firm with offices in Austin, Texas.    For more information, please contact Dr. John R. Litaker for more information on our services, availability, and engagement information.

We continue our work in applied population health research related to the COVID-19 vaccine.  We are now in the third of our series of peer-reviewed publication on this topic.  Our first study quantified the need to provide mass vaccination campaigns in order to reach the goal of herd immunity in Austin, Texas.  Our second study identified sociodemographic factors associated with vaccine hesitancy.  This first of its kind study in Central Texas assessed 1,684 persons on gender, race, ethnicity, income, and educational status.  Our most recent study, published in October 2022 assesses qualitative data to better understand why someone is a vaccine acceptor, vaccine refuser, or in the moveable middle.  All three of these publications are freely available under open access Creative Commons license.

In addition, we continue to work with local health departments across Texas to assess response operations for COVID-19 with recently completed after-action reports for the City of Austin, the Northeast Texas Public Health District, and the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.


Conduct assessments and planning activities to support strategic and operational activities.

Build consensus, seek input, and exchange ideas and information to improve operational and strategic readiness.

Provide scientific expertise and rigor to develop, implement, manage, and report on applied health research with a focus on observational research and secondary data analysis.

Currently providing after action assessment activities for multiple public health departments in Texas as well as applied research related to COVID-19.