The Litaker Group is a full-service public health and medical planning and response firm.  We have offices in Austin Texas USA and North Queensland Australia.  The global outbreak of Covid-19 requires demonstrated expertise.  We have off the shelf planning documents to help public health departments plan and operationalize for isolation and quarantine and we have off the shelf tabletop exercises to ops out response activities for the MERS coronavirus.  (Note: The Litaker Group provided direct staff support to the state of Texas response to the H1N1 influenza pandemic, responsible for ongoing assessment and remediation activities during the inter pandemic wave.  We also supported local health departments for post-Ebola planning and remediation.)  We also have planning experts to assist hospitals and healthcare companies prepare for and respond to this global crisis.  Contact Dr. John Litaker today.  We work with clients in Texas, across the nation, and around the world.  See more about our coronavirus planning and exercises.


Conduct assessments and planning activities to support strategic and operational activities

Build consensus, seek input, and exchange ideas and information to improve operational and strategic readiness

Provide scientific expertise and rigor to develop, implement, manage, and report on applied health research

Currently available planning documents to support isolation and quarantine, fatality management, and exercises for coronavirus response activities